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Qualified Tax Collectors

Qualified Tax Collectors

The Local Tax Collection Law contains provisions for DCED to provide a basic and voluntary continuing education program for tax collectors which ensures that DCED:

  1. Provides qualification certificates to every tax collector who has taken the qualification exam and passed it
  2. Updates the certificate on a yearly basis if the tax collector takes 6 continuing education credits during the fiscal year and the credit information is approved by DCED.
  3. Maintains a register that lists all qualified tax collectors
  4. Keeps the list updated on the department’s website
  5. Provides courses which will allow the tax collector an opportunity to receive training and earn the credits.

See below for an updated list of qualified tax collectors and some useful tools. Training information is available at

Act 80 - 2006

The individuals are listed by the county in which they reside. They are qualified under this program to serve as tax collectors anywhere within Pennsylvania.

Useful Tools

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