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Tom Wolf, Governor
Dennis M. Davin, Acting Secretary

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State Tax Equalization Board (STEB)/Tax Equalization Division (TED)

The Tax Equalization Division (TED) (formerly PA State Tax Equalization Board (STEB) was established by the General Assembly in Act 447 PL 1046, 1947, to compensate for the lack of assessment uniformity statewide in distributing school subsidies.

The Board consists of a Chairman, two Members, and a staff of nine. The Board is appointed by the Governor and approved by the Legislature for a term of four years.

Market Values

The primary function of the Board will determine annually the aggregate market value of taxable real estate property in each political subdivision and school district throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Common Level Ratios

The Board is to establish a common level ratio of assessed value to market value for each county for the prior calendar year.

STEB Reports

Common Level Ratios Land Use Market Value Data

2013 Common Level Ratio
2012 Common Level Ratio
2011 Common Level Ratio
2010 Common Level Ratio
2009 Common Level Ratio
2008 Common Level Ratio
2007 Common Level Ratio
2006 Common Level Ratio
2005 Common Level Ratio
2004 Common Level Ratio
2003 Common Level Ratio
2002 Common Level Ratio

2013 Land Use
2012 Land Use
2011 Land Use
2010 Land Use
2009 Land Use
2008 Land Use
2007 Land Use
2006 Land Use
2005 Land Use
2004 Land Use
2003 Land Use
2002 Land Use

2013 Market Value
2012 Market Value
2011 Market Value
2010 Market Value
2009 Market Value
2008 Market Value
2007 Market Value
2006 Market Value
2005 Market Value
2004 Market Value
2003 Market Value
2002 Market Value

Important changes to STEBTrac

As part of an ongoing process to update, modernize and modify the reporting of sales figures from counties to the state, some changes have been made to the reporting system and to the STEBTrac system which is now named PA-TEDTRac.

There is new file upload process that is available starting August 1, 2014.

PA-TEDtrac County User Manual

The new documenting process booklet is available electronically below. If you have any questions, contact STEB at 717.787.5950.


New TEDtrac/STEBtrac Documentation

Additional Information

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