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The Center is a strong advocate in providing assistance for police administrative and management procedures and police regionalization.

Assistance in Administrative and Management Procedures

The Center for Local Government Services provides a wide range of services according to Pennsylvanians' needs, whether it's solving minor issues over the telephone, conducting in-depth management studies or performing studies to determine whether police consolidation is feasible. 

Regional Policing

83% of Municipal Police Departments Have Less Than 10 Officers

Though many assign a negative connotation to the term "consolidation," the concept actually has helped improve police service in many Pennsylvania municipalities. Pennsylvania has more police stations than any other state in the union, with many of them too small to provide a full range of police services.

For example, eighty-three percent of the municipal police departments have less than 10 officers. Currently, there are 30+ regional police departments representing 100+ municipalities. The idea of regional policing is gaining favor with municipal leaders who are faced with stagnant or declining sources of revenue. Most regional police departments have been created to strengthen existing police services, especially in the areas of administration, supervision, training, investigation, patrol and specialty services.

Grant Programs

The Center coordinates two grant programs, DCED's Municipal Assistance Grant Program and the Regional Police Assistance Grant Program, in cooperation with the Pennsylvania Commission on Crime and Delinquency.


Contact Information

For more information contact Ron Stern at (717) 720-7465.

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