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Tourism Promotion Assistance Grant Program

Currently Inactive

This program is currently inactive. The page is only up for archival purposes. Visit to search the list of all active programs.

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Download the guidelines for a complete understanding of the program and the requirements.

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The purpose of the Tourism Promotion Assistance Grant Program provides funding to supplement existing local destination marketing efforts by designated Tourism Promotion Agencies.


Eligible expenses include all activities associated with marketing a destination such as advertising, public relations, printing, postage etc.




Only designated TPAs may receive grants under the Tourism Promotion Assistance Grant Program.


Refer to the Program Guidelines for complete program details. NOTE: Several of the forms listed below contain interactive form fields. All documents must be typed. No handwritten forms will be accepted.

How to Apply

Refer to the Program Guidelines for specific information on how to apply for grant funding.


Listed below are the necessary forms to apply for grant funding:

Appendix A - Legislation
Appendix B – Eligibility Form
Appendix C – Instructions for Completing Single Application
Appendix D – Marketing & Performance Plan Evaluation Form
Appendix E – Tourism Promotion Assistance Budget
Appendix E – Payment Requisition – Tourism Promotion Assistance Grant
Appendix E – Audited Financial Statement – 09-10
Appendix E – Payment Requisition – Regional Marketing Partnership Grant
Appendix F – Qualifying & Non-Qualifying Expenses
Appendix G – Commonwealth Branding Icons
Appendix H - Map of Regions

Additional Information

RMP Deadlines 2010-11

TPA Deadlines 2010-11

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