Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Tom Wolf, Governor
Dennis M. Davin, Secretary

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Job Creation Tax Credits (JCTC)


Download the guidelines for a complete understanding of the program and the requirements.

Download Guidelines


A $1,000-per-job tax credit to create new jobs in the state within three years.


Tax credits used to offset various business tax liabilities.


$1,000-per-job tax credit to approved businesses that agree to create jobs within three years. Twenty-five percent of the tax credits allocated each year must go to businesses with less than 100 employees.


Approved businesses


Tax credits may not be utilized by a business until the jobs are actually created. Must create at least 25 new jobs or expand the existing workforce by at least 20 percent.

How to Apply

Customer Service Center, Electronic Single Application for Assistance

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The page was last modified: 01/11/2013