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Single Application

Eligible applicants must apply for funding through DCED's Single Application for Assistance.

Electronic Signature is here!

In an effort to streamline the application process for our customers, DCED will no longer require applicants to mail the signed signature page.

Note that you are still required to print and attach the signature page to any additional supplemental information required by the program office.

What is the Single Application?

The Single Application for Assistance allows the applicant to apply for various programs using one form while capturing specific program information needed to evaluate the project for possible funding. The application is designed to help applicants comprehend the program requirements up front and expedite the review process.

DCED has a large number of programs available for for-profit companies, non-profit organizations and local governments. In order to assist applicants with a list of the best possible program options for their company/organization, a Program Finder has been added to the application. The Program Finder will provide a list of programs based on eligibility and/or the use of funds, and provides a short program description along with links to the program’s fact sheet and guidelines.

Before You Apply, Download and Read the Guidelines

Before you apply, make sure you download and read the program guidelines to see if you qualify. All guidelines are found in the Funding and Program Finder.

Features and Benefits

  • One-time user registration that provide a more intelligent application
  • Easier navigation within the application
  • Updates specific program addenda requirements
  • Instant confirmation of a submitted application

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The page was last modified: 05/05/2014