Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Tom Wolf, Governor
Dennis M. Davin, Secretary

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Keystone Communities

Keystone Communities is a program that assists Pennsylvania’s core communities in achieving revitalization.

This program supports physical improvements to both designated and other communities that are undertaking revitalization to restore deteriorated downtowns, residential neighborhoods, and industrial/manufacturing sites. Keystone communities also provides funding for accessible modifications for the homes of persons with physical disabilities.

The Four Program Designations

Main Street

Funding and technical assistance for a community's downtown revitalization.

Elm Street

Funding and technical assistance for residential and mixed use areas in proximity to central business district.

Keystone Communities Enterprise Zone Designation

Funding and technical assistance for disadvantaged industrial/manufacturing and business sites

Keystone Community Designation

Designation and potential access to funding and Neighborhood Assistance tax credits.

Program Details

Learn more about the details of the program and how to have your community apply for the program.

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