Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Tom Wolf, Governor
Dennis M. Davin, Secretary

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Key Industries


The largest opportunity in years has hit the energy industry in Pennsylvania, and we’re using it to boost our economy and job market.

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Startup companies are partnering with local businesses to commercialize technology and put it into the hands of Pennsylvania consumers faster.

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Advanced Manufacturing & Materials

A top state in advanced manufacturing, utilizing advanced, and cutting-edge technology to improve products and processes.

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Pennsylvania's abundant natural resources have made it a leader in food processing and earned it the moniker "Snack Food Capital of the World."

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An ideal combination of modern urban centers, rich cultural heritage, small-town charm and rugged wilderness draws millions of visitors to the state each year.

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Life Sciences

Companies are performing groundbreaking research, manufacturing devices and pharmaceuticals that save lives and fuel innovation.

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Our unique blend of environments, coupled with a generous tax credit, is making it a prime location for hundreds of film and television productions, including many blockbusters.

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With a strategic location, established aviation infrastructure, trained and productive workforce and a business-friendly environment, Pennsylvania is built to advance your next aviation project.

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The natural gas resurgence in Pennsylvania has done more than just lower energy prices — it’s also primed the state for plastics industry growth.

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The page was last modified: 03/23/2015