Pennsylvania Department of Community and Economic Development

Tom Wolf, Governor
Dennis M. Davin, Secretary

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PREP Regions

PREP (Partnerships for Regional Economic Performance) is a statewide network of partners designed to work in concert to deliver vital business assistance services across 10 regions of the commonwealth.

Our local and regional PREP partners have the experience and know-how to assist individuals who have an idea and need help with the basics of starting a new venture. PREP also meets the demands of existing companies that seek assistance in all aspects of successful business development and growth.

Advice and Resources

The PREP network consists of hundreds of trained and experienced experts who can offer assistance and resources. PREP’s one-on-one counseling, specialized workshops, online training and financial incentives make it one of the most coordinated and respected networks in the nation designed specifically to meet the needs of our job creators — the men and women who start and grow our businesses.

Efficient and Effective

PREP makes it easier to learn what public and private sector resources can be quickly harnessed to meet individual and company needs. Our coordinated network can quickly analyze needs, formulate a plan and assemble a team to put that plan into action.

Answering Questions

PREP helps to answer the following questions and more:

  • How do I start a new business?
  • How do I write a business plan?
  • Where can I get necessary financing?
  • Where is the best place to locate my business?
  • How can I expand into new markets?
  • Who can help me re-organize my shop floor?
  • Should I invest in new equipment?
  • Can I get training for my employees?

PREP Region Contacts

Pennsylvania is committed to PREParing businesses to start, grow and flourish. Learn more about the PREP resources in your region.

PREP Region MapRegion 1Region 2Region 3Region 4Region 5Region 6Region 7Region 8Region 9Region 10

Northwest - Region 1
Jill Foys
(814) 677-4800

Central - Region 6
Betsy Lockwood
(570) 524-4491

Southwest - Region 2
Petra Mitchell
(412) 918-4300

Northeast - Region 7
Jeffrey Box
(570) 655-5581

North Central - Region 3
Eric Bridges
(814) 773-3162

Lehigh Valley - Region 8
Jack Pfunder
(610) 758-5599

Southern Alleghenies - Region 4
Deb Prosser
(814) 949-6522

South Central - Region 9
David Black
(717) 213-5020

Northern Tier - Region 5
Kim Barnes
(570) 265-9103

Southeast - Region 10
Therese Flaherty
(215) 898-4861

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